Lucia is passionate about family law and aims to provide the most practical, culturally appropriate and tailored advice to her clients, honed from her successes in acting for clients from various cultural backgrounds in both property and parenting disputes.

In relation to the parenting matters, Lucia has expertise in acting for clients who are in need of understanding, empathy and astute legal advice in delicate situations that can have lifelong ramifications. These matters often include situations that involve young, vulnerable children, allegations of family/domestic violence, relocation to overseas, and drafting Binding Child Support Agreements.

She also has an experience in areas that involve purchase and sale of large development properties, commercial lease, purchase and sale of business and general corporate advices. Her strong property and commercial background give her the edge in resolving complex, multi-layered financial matters.

Lucia holds a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales, a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice and a Master of Applied Law (Family Law) from the College of Law. She can also practice in fluent Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese).

郭律师(Lucia Guo)是澳大利亚新南威尔士州高等法院注册律师,专业家庭法律师。郭律师持有新南威尔士州大学(UNSW)的法律与商业双学士学位以及家庭法硕士学位。郭律师是澳洲法律评论家庭法专栏的常驻作者,常受邀出席澳洲SBS电视台中文频道家庭法专题节目的访谈。





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