Matthew Wyndham is an accomplished Associate Solicitor, specializing in estate planning, estate administration, probate, and trust administration. With a strong foundation in these critical areas of law, Matthew has established himself as a reliable and knowledgeable legal professional.

In his practice, Matthew focuses on providing clients with comprehensive estate planning solutions. He understands that each individual’s financial situation and family dynamics are unique. With meticulous attention to detail, Matthew crafts tailored estate plans that align with his clients’ specific goals and priorities. His expertise extends to asset protection, tax planning, and the development of effective wealth transfer strategies, all aimed at ensuring his clients’ financial legacies are preserved.

Matthew’s commitment to excellence extends beyond estate planning. He also excels in estate administration, probate, and trust administration. During emotionally challenging times, Matthew provides clients with the guidance and support needed to navigate the legal complexities of asset distribution, probate proceedings, and trust management. His compassionate approach and deep understanding of the law make him a trusted advisor in these critical areas.

As an Associate Solicitor, Matthew Wyndham’s dedication to his clients and his unwavering commitment to upholding the highest legal standards have earned him a reputation for reliability and professionalism. Clients seeking expert guidance in estate planning and administration can trust Matthew to provide them with the sound legal counsel they need to secure their family’s financial future.

Matthew Wyndham

B.Com. LL.B.
+61 2 9222 8000