Tom is an accredited specialist in Family Law and holds a Masters in Applied Law (Family Law) with 35 years’ experience in Family Law and Commercial Litigation. Tom is conscious of the sensitivity and distress associated with separation and the breakup of the family particularly its effect on children and the financial consequences arising from separation. On receiving instructions, Tom’s immediate objective is to minimise as much as possible the emotional impact of the breakup by: 

  • firstly providing a practical guidance towards achieving suitable arrangements for the children including referrals to professional counsellors; 
  • secondly doing all things possible to protect the financial interests of the client and offer options leading either to resolution of property issues without resort to litigation but if unsuccessful, vigorously and expeditiously initiate and pursue court resolution of the dispute. 

Tom’s experience in Commercial Litigation brings an added edge to analysing property issues and marshalling of the property pool. Tom uses experienced forensic accountants to cut across ‘cloudy’ financial records and statements, particularly with the use of third party’s trusts, corporations or partnerships in attempts to veil the true value and financial interests of the parties. Tom has particular interest in property brought to the marriage through windfalls, inheritances, prospective entitlements to inheritances, discretionary trusts and third party loans. Tom can provide expert Family Law advice on: 

  • Property Disputes 
  • Parenting Issues 
  • Financial Agreements 
  • De Facto Relationships 
  • Spouse Maintenance 
  • Adoption 

Tom is a Notary Public and Life Member and former President of New South Wales Soccer Federation Limited and Football New South Wales. On 26 January 2009, Tom was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to football in Australia and legal and community services. 

Tom A Doumanis OAM

M.AppLaw (Family Law); Notary Public
Accredited Specialist

Family Law

+61 2 9222 8000